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NKD BLACK CLAY MASK, the craziest skin rejuvenating pick-me-up and perhaps a final resolution to some of your skin problems!

Now is the perfect time to go crazy and try our NKD BLACK CLAY MASK which features a stack of ingredients that are amazing for the skin! And not to mention it makes for some seriously over-the-top Instagram photos!

Dry Skin? Acne? Overly oily skin? Blackheads? Breakouts? Uneven tones? One of our masks main ingredients is Kaolin Clay. This clay helps stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing it, it also doesn't draw essential oils from the skin, allowing it to be used on most skin types. The clay absorbs waste, harmful toxins, oil, dirt and other nasties whilst penetrating its natural minerals deep into the skin.

Besides the clay our NKD BLACK CLAY MASK also features awesome ingredients such as Olive leaf, Arnica and Ginseng extracts perfect for repair, rejuvenation and hydration.

INGREDIENTS : Clay (Kaolin), Natural black oxide. Purified aqua, Glycerin, Olive leaf extract, Arnica flower extract, Ginseng (Panex) extract, Natural coconut flavour, Phenoxyethanol (1%).


Always test for sensitivity and potential staining on a small area of skin before applying to your face. 
Avoid contact with skin close to eyes.

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